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Who We Are

A Professional
& Hard Working Team

Sucorinvest Asset Management (Sucor AM) is a Subsidiary of PT Sucorinvest Inti Investama, a company which also owns one of the leading securities company PT Sucor Sekuritas with more than 28 years of experience in Equity Brokerage, Fixed Income Trading, Investment Banking and Research.

Sucor AM established in 1997 and acquired full license in 1999. We have transformed into a boutique asset management that serve our clients’ niche of investment objectives and risk profiles through a broad range of tailor-made investment capabilities.

Our vast experience and reputation in asset management have led us into our rapid growth with Asset Under Management of more than Rp 6.43 trillion or USD 446.22 million as of June 2018.

Who We Are



Mutual Funds






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Customer Reward Program

Sucorinvest Asset Management presents an appreciation program designed specifically for our distinguished investors trusting their various financial objectives in Sucorinvest Asset Management's mutual funds. This program is a point collection program, tradeable with gifts as long as it fits point rewarding criterion and its exchange policies.

Program Period:

1 November 2017 – 31 October 2018

How to Participate

1. Designed for Sucorinvest Asset Management mutual funds’ personal investors who invest their funds through Sucorinvest Asset Management's Client Relation team or Sucorinvest Personal Online Reksa Dana (SPOR).

2. Throughout the program period, said investor made a subscription/addition transaction on an equity or balanced Sucorinvest mutual fund amounting at least Rp 1.000.000,-

Point Calculation Regulations and Features

1. Points are awarded to investors of Sucor Asset Management mutual funds through subscription and addition in order to increase their investment.
As for mutual funds included in this program are as follow:

Equity Mutual Funds:

- Sucorinvest Equity Fund

- Sucorinvest Syaria Equity Fund

- Sucorinvest Maxi Fund

Balanced Mutual Funds:

- Sucorinvest Flexi Fund

2. For every mutual fund investment amounting Rp 1.000.000,-, investors will get 1 point. This rule applies to multiples. Points are counted daily from investors’ investment value.
Mutual fund investment value is calculated as total Units times Net Asset Value (NAV)

3. During program period, as per investor’s will, accumulated points (terms and conditions apply) are exchangeable with gifts if it already been invested for 1 (one) month since mutual fund subscription or addition transaction executed and as long as it fulfils total gift points desired.

4. Accumulated points can be exchanged with gifts in the form Traveloka evoucher.

Point Calculation Simulations

Herewith are point calculation simulations of Sucorinvest Asset Management’s mutual fund unit holders:

Illustration 1:

NInvestor subscribed Sucorinvest Equity Fund mutual on 1st November 2017 amounting Rp 20 million. From that investment, said investor has acquired 20 points.

Illustration 2:

An investor who has been holding Rp 100.000.000,- worth of Sucorinvest Flexi Fund since 30th October 2017 made an addition on 2nd November 2017 amounting Rp 500 million. Calculation of points awarded to said investor since 2nd November 2017 is based on total investment owned by said investor divided by Rp 1.000.000,- and thus amounted 601 points as per that date. Points will then be calculated on a daily basis is accumulated daily. Calculation illustration is as follows:

Unit Penyertaan (UP)



Investment Value (AUM)

Daily Points




























Total points as per 6th November 2017



- NAV data above are only illustrative and are only for calculation purposes.

- 1st November is the start of program, however points are yet to be calculated since the investor is yet to make a mutual fund addition. On 2nd November after the investor made a mutual fund addition, points are then calculated on the basis of investment value that moves according to daily NAV.

Terms of redemption:

1. Contact our Customer Relation to fill point exchange forms.

2. Evoucher gifts can be obtained by exchanging an amount of points accumulated according to each gifts’ value.

Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems

3. Evoucher will be sent at the latest 7 working days after points exchange request received by Customer Relation.

4. Evoucher will then be sent to investor’s email as filled in said request form.

Points Validity Period

1. Points will be expired if investor closes their account.

2. Points will be expired if not exchanged until program’s expiration date.

How to Get Points Information

To know the amount of accumulated points, every working days from 09.00-16.00 WIB you can call Customer Relation on 021-29960800 in the early following month.

Other Regulations

1. From time to time, Sucorinvest Asset Management can make changes on terms and conditions by announcing its notice through company website.

2. Sucorinvest Asset Management reserves the right to postpone or discontinue Investor Appreciation Program at any time without prior notice.

3. These terms and conditions of Investor Appreciation Program are made in Bahasa Indonesia and English. In the event of incompatibility of interpretations toward these terms and conditions, the Bahasa Indonesia version of these terms and conditions will be the one applied.


I am interested in the programs offered. Call me on my mobile number.

What We Get


We always ensure that we deliver the best investment solutions that fit the needs and objectives of our customers. Our wide variety of mutual funds products have received various accolades and awards from various institutions for their performances.

Investor-Infofesta SEF Best RD 2018
Investor-Infofesta SEF Best RD 3 Tahun 2018
Investor-Infofesta SEF Best RD 5 Tahun 2018
Investor-Infofesta SFF Best RD 2018
Investor-Infofesta SMMF Best RD 2018
Investor-Infofesta MI Favorit 2018
Investor-Infofesta SEF Best RD 2018
Investor-Infofesta SFF Best RD 2018
Investor-Infofesta SMMF Best RD 2018
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with Us Now



"At Sucorinvest, our approach is to identify & invest in assets that exhibit characteristics relevant to our investment philosophy."



"Our top down approach will help us to construct the portfolio universe, while we contemplate our strong bottom-up approach in our asset selection and conviction strategy."

We believe in finding value in each business and market cycle
for our alpha creation process.

- Sucor Asset Management -

Sucorinvest Asset Management’s internet-based trading platform that provides online trading for Reksa Dana Sucorinvest primarily to individual investor.


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Message from Chief Investment Officer

Dear our esteemed customer,

As of February 28, 2018, our philanthropic fund Sucorinvest Anak Pintar has officially hit the one year mark since inception. We would like to thank you for all of your trust to invest in the fund. With pride, we can say that the achievement is outstanding since the fund's 1 year return is 25 percent, driven by our investment in several public companies like Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk, Aneka Tambang Tbk, and Jasa Marga Tbk, as well as the substantial return of Surat Utang Negara Indonesia last year which is the underlying item of the fund. Our commitment to participate in Indonesia Education system is not viable without your help. We also commit to deliver the best return for our investor and of course, to help people to donate to Indonesia Education system through Yayasan Pansophia. For your information, we have delivered half our management fee to Yayasan Pansophia and we would love to share some of their activities.

Warm regards,
Jemmy Paul Wawointana



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